Avoid Frozen and Burst Pipes

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Cold temperatures are upon us! Avoid costly mistakes and Winterize your home NOW!

Attached hoses prevent frost-proof spigots from draining causing frozen and cracked pipes inside you home.


Pressure washers or any other tool that might have water in it’s lines can freeze and cause costly repairs or replacements. Drain all the lines in said tools… or better yet, bring them inside if possible.


Sprinkler lines are buried at shallow depths and are not below the frost line. Any water left in the lines will freeze and cause costly repairs. If you’re not able to do it yourself, call a lawn sprinkler company to get on their list to have it done as soon as possible.


As a general precaution, when temperature drop below freezing for an extended period of time, make sure craw spaces are sealed from drafts which increase the chances of frozen pipes. Also, if any interior water supply pipes are located on outside walls, leave cupboard doors open so heat from the interior of your home can reach those pipes and help prevent frozen pipes. You can also leave a faucet dripping in this situation. This keeps water flowing in the pipes and can help keep them from freezing.
Taking a few precautions now can help prevent costly repairs and a lot of headaches in the future!

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Avoid Frozen and Burst Pipes
Avoid Frozen and Burst Pipes
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Avoid Frozen and Burst Pipes

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