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Analog Multimeter

GB GMT-312,

AA Battery, Analog Display, Black

Product Overview

Testing equipment can be put to good use ensuring that electrical equipment is properly installed and safe to operate. Faulty installations can be lethal; the condition of electrical installations can be established when contractors use test equipment. Pocket sized analog tester. Tests voltage, DC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity and batteries.

Product Details

  • Manual range selection includes a 0 Ohm adjustment dial
  • Easy to read, color-coded displays, tests VAC/VDC, DC current and resistance
  • 13-position rotary dial
  • Includes test lead input icons for correct lead placement and a set of positive and negative electrical test leads
  • Agency approved with fuse overload protection circuitry incorporated
  • Replaceable test leads
  • 250 mA fuse



Wire Stripper

Klein-Kurve 11055,

Comfort-Grip Blue/Yellow Handle

Product Overview

Precision shear-type blades for clean cuts on solid and stranded copper wire. Easy-to-read markings on both sides. Curved handles help reach into confined areas. Wire looping and bending holes. Coil spring provides fast self-opening action. Precision-ground stripping holes. Serrated nose for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire. Screw-shearing holes. Closure lock for convenient storage. Double-dipped comfort grips. Strips and cuts 10 to 18 AWG solid and 12 to 20 AWG stranded.

Product Details

  • Precision ground stripping holes for smooth, accurate cuts
  • Strong-gripping serrated nose for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire
  • Holes for looping and bending wire
  • Cleanly shears 6 to 32 and 8 to 32 screws
  • Double-dipped comfort grips with curved handles
  • Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
  • Easy to read markings
  • Handy closure lock for convenient storage
  • Double dipped Klein Kurve comfort grips



Non-Contact Voltage Tester

GB Circuit Alert GVD-3504,

LED Display, Black

Product Overview

A non-contact voltage tester serves as a key component in any electrical toolkit, allowing the user to verify the presence of AC voltage prior to working on an electrical installation or during troubleshooting without requiring physical contact with live electrical conductors. The Gardner Bender GVD-3504 Circuit Alert non-contact voltage tester features both audible (beeping) and visual (360 deg flashing red light) indicators to alert the user of the presence of AC voltage from 50 to 600 V. Use to locate breaks in wires and voltage at outlets, circuit breaker panels, light fixtures, switches and motors. Quickly locates the hot terminals in receptacles. Fully insulated probe tip eliminates the risk of contacting live electrical wires. Built-in patented safe test feature ensures tester and batteries are working properly. The unit includes a pocket-clip for secure portability.

Product Details

  • Beeps and flashes to indicate the presence of AC voltage from 50 to 600 V
  • Fully insulated probe tip eliminates the risk of contacting live electrical wires
  • Built in safe test indicates tester and batteries are working properly
  • Built in safe test indicates tester and batteries are working properly
  • Compact design with pocket-clip for portability



Fault Receptacle Tester

GB GFI-3501,

Fault Receptacle Tester and Circuit Analyzer, Red

Product Overview

Tests ground fault receptacles by overloading circuit and tripping GFCI. Tests for ground fault interruption, open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse and correct wiring.

Product Details

  • Tests standard outlets, GFCI outlets, extension cords
  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Tester trips between 6 to 9 mA
  • Succession of yellow and red lights provide indication of circuit status or specifies wiring errors



Cable Stripper

GB GRX-3224,

12/2 and 14/2 AWG NM, 12 to 14 AWG Single Conductor Cutting, Non-Metallic Wire

Product Overview

This handy multi-purpose nm cable stripper/cutter is able to strip both 12/2 and 14/2 AWG nm cable and 12-14 AWG single conductor cables in one tool. Designed with user comfort and convenience in mind this tool offers a power spring handle return to reduce hand fatigue and a locking handle for compact storage. The curved cutting blade makes for easy stripping and cutting while the built in wire looping holes and pliers nose for gripping wire make almost any electrical job a snap. Tool also incorporates the ability to cut and rethread bolts size 6-32 and 8-32. You’ll find yourself reaching for this non-metallic cable stripper/cutter again and again.

Product Details

  • Curved cutting blade
  • Plier nose for gripping
  • Wire looping holes
  • Cuts and rethreads 6-32 and 8-32 bolts
  • Power spring return on handle reduces hand fatigue
  • Locking handle for compact storage



Wire Stripper

GB Strip-Easy SE-92,

Solid, Stranded Wire, No Slip Red Handle

Product Overview

The Strip-Easy automatic wire stripper is an ideal choice for stripping solid or stranded wire. The spring-loaded stripper automatically removes wire insulation on 22-8 ga wires without crushing the ends. It has a comfortable, no-slip plastic handle that helps to secure a firm hand grip during use.

Product Details

  • Strips wires clean with one easy squeeze
  • Blades cut insulation without nicking conductor
  • Jaws open automatically to remove wire without crushing ends
  • AWG size clearly marked at each cutting hole
  • Comfortable no-slip handles



Fish Tape

GB UpperHand FTS-65R,

1/8 in Tape, Carbon Steel Tape, ABS Case, Red

Product Overview

GB’s Series of UpperHand fish tapes has improved traditional hand fishing with the first ergonomic fish tape in the industry. Easy to grip, easy to retract and backed by an industry leading 5 years limited warranty. The improved housing design is manufactured with impact-resistant ABS and nylon resins that exceed the 25 ft drop test while the corrosion-resistant plated steel wire ensures the toughest, most durable tape for long-lasting use.

Product Details

  • Ergonomic handle secures your grip at the strongest point and keeps the user’s wrist in a normal, upright position to reduce strain and enhance productivity on the job
  • Interior grip fits the user’s palm, reducing the number of pressure points common on most fish tapes
  • 8-1/2 in external ring diameter with 4 in Dia internal ring
  • Interior grip fits the user’s palm, reducing the number of pressure points common on most fish tapes
  • Impact modified handle and housing that exceeds the 25 ft drop-test



Diagonal Cutting Plier


13/16 in Jaw Opening, 6 in OAL, Blue/Yellow Handle

Product Overview

Made of durable nickel chromium steel with induction hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer. ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue. Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications.

Product Details

  • ProTouch™ grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Induction hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer
  • Durable nickel chromium steel construction



Wire Stripper

GB GS-366,

10 to 22 AWG Cutting, Solid, Stranded Wire, Cushion-Grip Handle

Product Overview

This multi-purpose tool can be used to cut, strip, crimp, cut and rethread bolts. Features an ergonomic cushioned handle design, hardened steel cutting blades that provide strength and durability and a wire strip length gauge.

Product Details

  • Cuts copper and aluminum wire
  • Crimp insulated and non-insulated 10-22 AWG terminals
  • Cut and rethread mild steel untempered bolts in common thread sizes
  • Crimp 7 – 8 mm auto ignition terminals
  • Comfortable high-leverage handle design



Staple Gun

Arrow T25X,

T25, Steel Staple

Product Overview

Great for wiring projects. Compact, powerful, precise, grooved guide ensures consistent stapling. For up to 1/4 in Dia wires. Uses T25 staples (Sku #415.8796, #415.8812, #415.8846).

Product Details

Staple Material:  Steel
Staple Type:  T25
Suitable for:  T25 Staples


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