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 Smoke Alarm, Ionization Sensor

Battery operated ionization smoke alarm with test button, 9 V battery included. Ionization smoke sensors are generally more sensitive at detecting small particles, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by flaming fires. Beeping signal warns when the battery needs replacing. Hinged cover for easy battery replacement. Meets ANSI/UL217 standard. 3 years limited warranty.



Hardwired Smoke Detector w/10 Yr. Battery Backup

Smoke alarm with test/silence button and insect screened, dual ionization sensing chamber. Input: 120 volt AC – 60 Hz, green LED power-on indicator, red LED to confirm unit is working properly, single test/silence button to check all alarm functions. Solid state piezo horn rated at 85 dB minimum at 10 feet, plug in connector capable of interconnection of up to 18 alarms, 12 of which can be smoke alarms. Meets the requirements of UL 217, CSFM, NFPA, NFPA 101, ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI and CABO. 10 year limited warranty.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Battery, White

The FIRST ALERT CO605 carbon monoxide plug-in alarm features an electrochemical co sensor to alert you to dangerous carbon monoxide. this personal carbon monoxide detector plugs into any standard electrical socket to monitor co levels in your home, office or other space. the simple, user-friendly design features battery backup to allow for continuous monitoring, even in the event of a power outage.


Smoke Alarm, Ionization Sensor

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The FIRST ALERT 0827B sealed ionization smoke alarm features a 10 years sealed lithium battery, eliminating the need for battery replacements during the lifetime of the alarm. This smoke detector with ionization sensor has a tamper proof design, a mute feature, a power LED, alarm indicator, end of life signal and single test button.


Single Gas Detector

Battery, White Smoke Alarm
Ionization Sensor

Works during power outages. No installation required. Place or mount almost anywhere. Mute/test button to quiet unnecessary alarms, test alarm function. 85 dB alarm, low battery warning. Low battery mute quiets low battery signal for up to 8 hrs. Front-open compartment allows battery change without taking alarm down. Electro chemical sensor is the most accurate technology available for detecting carbon monoxide. End of life timer alarm chirps when it is time to replace the alarm. Meets UL2034 standard. Uses 9 V battery, included.


Carbon Monoxide Alarm

40 ft, Lithium-Ion Battery
Single Gas Detector

The FIRST ALERT CO710 carbon monoxide alarm with 10 years battery and digital temperature display detects dangerous carbon monoxide for up to 10 years. This carbon monoxide detector uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. A built-in 10 years lithium battery means you never need to worry about changing batteries during the lifetime of the alarm. This stylish CO monitor is designed to sit on top of a dresser or tabletop and it has a backlit digital display that shows temperature and CO concentration.


Smoke Alarm

Ionization Sensor

Designed to help promote household safety, the FIRST ALERT 9120B hardwired smoke alarm with battery backup can provide a vital early warning of fire. This hardwired smoke detector uses an ionization smoke sensor to reliably detect smoke from hot, fast-flaming fires.


Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Audible Alarm, Electro-chemical
Photoelectric Sensor

The FIRST ALERT PRC710 slim photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with 10 years battery helps protect your home from two potentially deadly threats by providing up to a decade of uninterrupted monitoring. equipped with dual sensors, this low-profile alarm detects smoke from slow-burning, smoldering fires. Half as thick as a standard alarm, this detector has a slim, contemporary design that mounts unobtrusively on a wall or ceiling. A built-in 10 years Lithium-Ion battery provides continuous power, with no need to ever worry about changing the battery during the lifetime of the alarm.

Fire Extinguisher


Mono Ammonium Phosphate Extinguish Agent
2.5 lb Capacity, 1-A:10-B:C Fire Class

Home fire extinguisher Orgill, Inc. Sku 6191811. Contains 2.5 lb of Monoammonium phosphate dry chemical extinguishing agent. Effective against fires involving paper, wood, textiles and plastics as well as flammable liquid fires and electrical fires(Types A, B and C). Corrosion-resistant metal valve and trigger. Metal pull pin with safety seal. Large, easy-to-read color coded pressure gauge. 15.4 x 8.8 in. Includes Orgill Sku 502.5705 black corrosion-resistant finish steel bracket with stainless steel straps. U.S Coast Guard approved. 7.8 x 2 in. Rated 1 – A:10 – B:C. Meets UL standards.


Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher

Monoammonium Phosphate Extinguish Agent
5 lb Capacity

Commercial-grade metal valve and trigger. Large easy-to-read pressure gauge. Effective against fires involving paper, wood, textiles and plastics as well as flammable liquid fires and live electrical fires(Types A, B and C). Mono-ammonium phosphate extinguishing agent. Wall hook included. 17.2 in H x 12.3 in W. Rated 2-A:10-B:C. Boxed.

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