Heavy Duty Cellphone Accessories from DEWALT!

Check out the Heavy Duty Cell Phone accessories from DEWALT!

Now available at Frank Burton and Sons.

Tired of buying those crappy phone chargers and cables that only last a few months?

Built to withstand everyday wear and tear, DEWALT charging cables are reinforced with Kevlar fiber. The unified, single piece strain relief reduces pressure on the cable from repeated bending and flexing. DEWALT charging cables are designed to stand up to constant abuse and last longer than other cables.

We have a nice selection of Heavy Duty wall chargers, car chargers, blue tooth ear buds and charging cables for Apple and Android.

Charge your USB devices with the NeverBlock(R) 2-Port Worksite USB Charger, that keeps adjacent outlets free. USB ports placed on the edge of the charger allow you to connect charging cables without obstructing nearby wall plugs. Technology within the charger automatically helps detect and deliver an optimized charging rate unique to the connected device.

All with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Stop in today and check them out!


Heavy Duty Cell phone Accessories from DEWALT!

Check out the nice selection of Heavy Duty Cellphone Charging Accessories at Frank Burton and Sons



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Heavy Duty Cell Phone Accessories from DEWALT!

Frank Burton and Sons

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