PowerZone Oil-Filled Heater

Spring is just around the corner, or so we have been told by Punxsutawney Phil, but it’s still cold here, and I don’t know how much we should trust a furry rodent. 😂  If you have cold spots in the house and you’re tired of the cold, stop by and pick up an oil-filled space heater to take the chill off.

Why choose an oil-filled heater?

Here are the top three reasons to use an oil-filled room heater compared to other portable heating options:

1. Energy Efficiency: Oil-filled room heaters are known for their energy efficiency. They use electricity to heat the oil inside the unit, which then radiates heat evenly and steadily. This process requires less electricity compared to other types of portable heaters, making them more cost-effective to run.

2. Even Heating: Unlike some portable heaters that blow hot air in one direction, oil-filled heaters provide more even heating throughout the room. The heated oil retains heat well, even after the unit is turned off, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature for longer periods.

3. Quiet Operation: Oil-filled heaters operate quietly, making them ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, or other areas where noise levels need to be kept low. This can be a significant advantage over other types of heaters, especially those with fans or motors that can produce loud or distracting noise.


This oil-filled heater is made of heavy-duty metal construction and mounted on four casters for easy movement.  ETL/CETL listed. Size: 24-3/4 in H x 9-1/2 in W x 14-3/4 in D.


  • 600/900/1500 W heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Easy-to-use rotary dial control
  • Automatic overheat protection system and safety tip-over switch
  • Mounted on four casters for easy movement
  • Front-mounted cord wrap

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PowerZone Oil Filled Heater

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