Space Heaters Solve Cold Home Office Problems

Winter is sticking around, and it’s cold! A lot of us are working at home now and have home offices. Most of us don’t have separate zones for each of our rooms, so, depending on where your home office is, you might have to turn the heat up for the whole house just to get your office up to a comfortable temperature.

We have a better idea. Using a space heater is a great way to warm up just your office space and save on your heating bill.

Frank Burton and Sons have several styles of space heaters to help you deal with these cold winter temperatures. Stop by and see what’s available. Our friendly staff members are standing by, ready to help you choose the perfect model for your purposes.

You want to choose the right size heater for the space you need to heat. Too small, and it won’t get your office or workspace warm enough. Too big, and you’ll end up using extra energy unnecessarily. We’ll help you figure out which model  is exactly right for you.


Tired of being cold?

Heat just the room you need to work in or spend time in.

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